Anonymous – Emergecy Message to IRC using Anons

Published on 1 Feb 2013

Greetings World, we are anonymous.
This is an emergency broadcast to all our fellow anons.

We’ve always knew that the FEDS have infiltrated in all related Anonymous IRC servers and/or channels a long time ago.
However, as of late. The FEDS have started to become more and more agressive in their ways of taking action.
A lot of our sources have been confirming lately that People who enter the IRC with their IP not beeing disguised,
are immidiatly taken note of and followed trough various operations that work trough the IRC. This way, the Pigsforce can easilly
focus upon people who take part in lots of operations our discuss what the FEDS see as “illegal activities” even though it is a fair and legitimate way of protesting.
As of lately, More and more people are beeing arrested, More and more of our fellow anons and helpers are beeing kidnapped by the law enforcement.
At the time of writing this message, they might very well be tracking me, you, or another fellow anon brother or sister down. However we are angered by this, this is not yet the time to change our defence into offense.
Untill the time comes to turn our defensive actions into offensive actions, we advice you to be highly aware that anything you do or say on an ANON IRC may very well be recorded by the Federal Bullshit Investigation. or the See Eye Piramid.
We advice you to follow the following advices:
1: It is dangerous to discuss too much about operations on the IRC without any form of protection. A VPN or TOR or even both are adviced.
2: Look out for suspicious persons or activity. If you can please take note of the nickname of the suspicious person. so that you know to look out for them in the future.
3: Highly important data should NOT be shared using the IRC, we are talking about data like Leaks or doxes for example. This can better be shared using TORMAIL or disposable email adresses.
4: Be aware, Be on your guard. Anyone might be your -and our- enemy.
5: Make sure you leave no traces to your IRL activities ANYWHERE.

Please make sure to follow these advices if you desire a good and safe experience with the Anonymous IRC.

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We will not forgive
We will never forget.
We have been watching.
We are the people’s all seeing eyes.



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