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Published on 18 Jan 2013

Part 2

Published on 25 Jan 2013

Part 3

Published on 26 Jan 2013

This is a GREAT video that is all about the new world order from a Christian perspective and how it relates to the stories in the Bible. This video is a MUST SEE! This is a great way to introduce your preacher to the new world order because it’s all Bible based. We have all been deceived by so many things!

These are the topics covered in Part One
(Make sure you watch Part Two and Three also!)

01 – Introduction
02 – Lucifer
03 – From Adam To Nimrod
04 – Babylon
05 – Semiramis
06 – Tower of Babel (The Mountain)
07 – Tower of Babel (Heaven)
08 – The Mysteries
09 – The Birth of Tammuz And Polytheism
10 – God Intervenes
11 – God’s Masterplan
12 – The Plagues
13 – The Desert Years
14 – Plan A And Plan B
15 – Ahab And Jezebel
16 – God vs Baal
17 – The Jezebel Spirit
18 – Neo Babylon
19 – The Four Kingdoms
20 – The Pergamos Detour
21 – Caesar
22 – Jesus
23 – Roman Catholicism
24 – Catholic Symbols I
25 – Catholic Symbols II
26 – Islam (Muhammad)
27 – Allah

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