John Todd – Secrets of the Illuminati – Part 1 & 2

Published on and written by projectnsearch 10 Jan 2013

John Todd put out a lot of truth about the Illuminati in the 70s. Much disinformation has been put out about him but of course this would be the case if he was legitimate to discredit his information. I believe that John Todd was an imperfect man that backslid in his faith most likely at some point but it’s important that everybody listen to what John Todd had to say because it’s clear that he knew a lot. I also know a minister that confirmed that John Todd was real and was later killed for what the information he released.

I believe that he was trying to do a good thing in these interviews for God. Demons don’t try to bring others to Christ as he did so I believe much of his information. His timing was off but of course the plans of the Illuminati (New World Order) has been delayed because of the good people fighting back. Listen to John Todd and decide for yourself!


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