The Illuminati: Vol. 2


Published on 8 Jan 2013

The Illuminati: Vol. 2 – The Antichrist Conspiracy

This 2 Hour Documentary starts inside a Boot Camp for the INFANTRY. Think about that word INFANT-RY – a Camp for INFANTS… A Camp for CHILDREN who are Trained to Kill! This is the documentary which cost DONALD RUMSFELD his job! “…As anyone will tell you, I do not give much space to wild conspiracy theories on my radio show… But I was forced by a friend to watch THE ANTICHRIST CONSPIRACY… I was shocked to see Bill Clinton most obviously under some sort of mind control, a Chinese government minister also caught on the BBC showing definite signs that someone had messed with his brain. Then, a wicked state department official from Washington DC, smart as a new toilet brush and all dandy in his suit – he all of a sudden freezes in mid sentence, as if some invisible puppeteer had cut his strings… The historical part of this film, showing the atrocities in Tibet, mind control surgery financed by the CIA and the amazing information about secret societies and their part in shaping the Double-Speak Orwellian dogma found on Capitol Hill is impressive. A great deal of documents and photographic evidence are presented and delivered with a British accent narration which is dramatic and chilling. Do I believe secret societies are influencing government policy? Do I think that a secret plan to bombard a human embryo with radiation as part of a Satanic ritual was carried out by the military? Well, after watching this film, my mind was opened and I have to admit that truth is often much stranger than fiction. THE ANTICHRIST CONSPIRACY certainly explains why there is so much bloodshed and sorrow in the world. It’s well made, running for nearly 120minutes… you finish the film with your mind reeling from so much demonic, political, ritual and religious imagery… I recommend it to anyone who wants to research the root of the policies which have ensnared our world into war and chaos for centuries.”




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