Published on 2 Dec 2012

This is yet another presentation explaining the cover up of Nibiru (aka Planet-X). DISCLAIMER: There is a huge debate as to if the “Nibiru” threat is real or total BS. I don’t claim to have the answers but one thing for sure I do know is that is they rushed several Infrared Telescopes into service the last few years & we have strong evidence that huge underground complexes have in fact been built & are being built, not only in the U.S., but in China & Russia & all over the world!!!

So the question (for me) becomes WHY?!? I did not draft the text for this video, but I agreed with it so much that I spent 20 hours enhancing the video to further it’s overall impact because should there be any truth at all to Nibiru being an actual imminent threat,…I felt it’s important to push the message so that folks can do their own research & come to their own conclusions, then be given the opportunity to take what ever “precautionary measures” they deem worthwhile.

The original version of this video presentation, (which for the record I DID NOT produce), was simply text only with scary sound effects. All I did was to add in the sound track & the images,… the original version having no images at all,… & it’s scary sound track to me just detracted from the information,… it was a distraction from the presentations strongest points,…which IMHO is that “The Elite” do in fact know about & are preparing for “something”,… something the rest of us are being kept in the dark about & we are being fed a lot of disinformation! No one can dispute that there are hundreds of YouTube videos claiming / depicting sightings of 2 Sun‘s or 2 Moon‘s (or whatever),… nor can we deny the weird weather, increased number of earthquakes, not to mention tens of thousands of birds & fish showing up dead around the world, (no reasons are ever given)…

More than likely December 21st, 2012 will pass just like any other normal day,.. but that still doesn’t mean something’s not going to happen that we are not being informed about that other people are in fact preparing for. There are just too many weird things going on right now that tell me there’s much more to this Nibiru “phenomenon” then what our corporate/government-sponsored main stream is reporting. Just like with 9-11 “Truth”,… do your OWN research & YOU be the judge!




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