Alex Jones Show: Wednesday (11-28-12) Jesse Ventura

Published on Nov 28, 2012 by ConspiracyScope

Today on the Alex Jones Show, Jesse Ventura joins Alex to discuss Time Warner‘s burying of the third season of his TV show Conspiracy Theory. Alex also explores the rebirth of the First Amendment as the Supreme Court and police are forced to uphold the public’s right to film police activities and the TSA. Also joining Alex today is editor and writer Paul Joseph Watson to discuss the latest developments in the ‘Dark Knight massacre’ mind control saga that went virtually unreported by major news outlets. We’ll also take a look at Janet Daley‘s assessment of the economic totalitarianism system we live in designed, not to distribute wealth evenly, but to consolidate it in the hands of the wealthy.

Alex Jones Show Playlist:

Alex Jones Show Playlist Pt. 2

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