Kosta Makreas & Ricky Butterfass : ET Contact – (August 21st, 2012)


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Evidence worldwide is piling up of an increase in telepathic, audible, tactile, visual, and emotional/mental Extraterrestrial contact. We know this because, not only individuals, but, coordinated groups are coming foward with reports detailing group experiences, or personal experiences occuring as a result of, or right after, group events or timed meditation sessions. Founder and Facilitator of the Global CE-5 Contact Initiative, Kosta Makreas, is one to thank for implementing this Worldwide Citizens Movement (http://www.globalce5.org/) to establish monthly interactive contacts with advanced ET civilizations.

Using the CE-5 protocols (http://www.cseti.org/ce5.htm) created by Dr Steven Greer, 90+ groups from 20+ countries jointly cooperate once a month to make coordinated, interactive, and united contact. Every month, steady, varied, subtle, and dramatic positive results are achieved. Kosta collates and distributes the incoming reports of contact in all its forms to subscribed CE-5 members on a regular basis, and will share some of these amazing experiences with us, as well as explaining how and where the CE-5 contact events are held. Our Star Family is most eager to communicate with those of us who welcome their advanced spiritual and technological gifts.

Joining Kosta will be a man with decades of independant study in both the technological world and the multi-dimensional one. We welcome Ricky Butterfass to the show, to discuss the eventual next steps. As a core member of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) (http://www.cseti.org/) , as well as a staff member with the Disclosure Project (http://www.disclosureproject.org/), Ricky will speak on many subjects that will help to advance humanity to levels never before seen, such as, the inclusion of Advanced Aerospace Vehicles and Interstellar Propulsion Systems; working with Advanced Particle Physics, Zero Point Energy and Cold Fusion; and, the possibilities of an Holographic Inter-Intra Dimensional Universe and Technical Interface concepts.

Both Ricky and Costa will discuss the amazing topics of telepathic communication, our advanced spiritual development, and eventual intercultural exchanges with Extraterrestrial civilizations. This is guaranteed to be a mind-opening session that will take you to places never-before discussed in this depth at Truth Connections Radio, and we look forward to this show with our binoculars on high res!

Truth Connections was Co-Founded by Tamara Natividad and Kathy Buckalew



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