Alex Jones Show: Wednesday (9-5-12) Chris Hedges & Richard Stallman


Published on Sep 5, 2012 by 

On the Wednesday, September 5 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the attempt by the corporate media to distract attention from the purchase of 174,000 rounds of ammunition by the Social Security Administration while it ignores other government agencies buying nearly a billion and a half rounds to be used against the American people during civil unrest. Alex also talks about the chemtrail program, now costing the American people around $5 billion. Alex welcomes back to the show software freedom activist and computer programmer Richard Stallman who talks about a claim that scientists can hack the brain. He also talks about built-in trapdoors in electronics manufactured in China. Stallman pioneered the concept of copyleft and he is the main author of the GNU General Public License. Alex also talks with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and war correspondent Chris Hedges. “Revolt is all we have left. It is our only hope,” Hedges recently wrote.

Alex Jones Show Playlist:

Alex Jones Show Playlist Pt. 2


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