Alex Jones Show: Wednesday (8-22-12) Linda Litowsky


Published on Aug 22, 2012 by 

On the Wednesday, August 22 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with Linda Litowsky in-studio. Ms. Litowsky is the Executive Director of Channel Austin and her career in media includes a diverse background in film, broadcast and cable television, as well as documentary, non-profit, corporate and educational production. Alex covers the latest news, including the case of a Marine who was forcibly transferred to a psychiatric facility after he posted anti-establishment messages on Facebook which questioned the official story behind 9/11 and referred to corruption within the government. The FBI claims Brandon Raub’s posts were “terrorist in nature.” Alex talks about the economy and the startling fact that more than half of all Americans are on some form of government assistance. Alex also takes your calls on today’s worldwide broadcast.

Alex Jones Show Playlist:

Alex Jones Show Playlist Pt. 2


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