London 2012 Attack: Closing Ceremony False Flag?


Published on Aug 12, 2012 by 

Two TRUNEWS shows back-to-back examining the possibility of another London false flag, this time at the Olympic Stadium.

British investigative reporter Lee Hazeldean (pseudonym) reports possible evacuation of London due to an attack at the Olympics grounds. This builds on previous information from a British barrister and intelligence expert, Michael Shrimpton, who revealed mysterious information from a Russian spy that a nuclear bomb will be detonated in London around the time of a games ceremony. Although Michael assumed it would be at the opening ceremony, I have done the research and my sources lead me to believe the Illuminati cabal-led government black op will most likely occur at the closing ceremony or shortly thereafter.

A veil of darkness is descending on the world. Spare yourself hours of Lucifer-glorifying idol-worshipping Olympics rituals and listen to this show instead.


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2 Comments on “London 2012 Attack: Closing Ceremony False Flag?”

  1. Well it didn’t happen.

    All these sorts of things do is create fear. If you were to re-examine the so-called NOW Olympic conspiracy in a positive light you would have seen something completely different:

    • davidellis51 says:

      No, thank God it didn’t. Yet information, and convincing information at that, does enter the “Alternative” mainstream… I did, however, write that I did not think it would occur, but left it for the individual to decide for themselves. It is not for me to judge or formulate an opinion for others! As for creating fear, I would say caution would be a better fitting word – I find that it is a good thing to have, at least, a little caution in your life than to have non at all… Thank you for your comment, David Ellis…

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