French Psychic Predicts the End of Mankind, This Year, 2012, by Aliens

This psychic predicted 9/11 years in advance.
What he has for 2012 is unbelievable, and obviously he’s been right several before.
The guy speaks french, but the video is subtitled in English.
I didn’t find anything else on this guy. Anyone knows who he is?

Published on Apr 5, 2012 and written by 

This amazing video is now being distributed around the internet. Many would like to debunk it and deny you the truth, but you must use your own skills and discover the truth about this film. If the person who put the 1980 date on it was off by a couple of years, don’t discard the entire video, because the psychic was still correct about much of what he predicted. The most important prediction is not that we’d have a black President between 2005 and 2012 or that the USSR would break up and we’d be allies with those Soviet Block countries, but that the psychic can’t see anything beyond the year 2012. He guesses that it could be that he dies or that we meet aliens and they destroy mankind! Are you surprised? 

Take a look at our leaders and ask yourself if you would destroy our war-mongering, nuclear threat. I think I’d zap that civilization, if I had their choice, to make. One might also just zap all the corrupt leaders and let the honest people start over. 

If aliens already know that the new leaders would be just as bad as the last batch, then they will certainly want us gone, because what we do here, affects the entire galaxy and they just don’t want any drunks barging into the hotel, shouting obscenities and it’s better to have a floor that drops out to dispose of this kind and aliens have weapons, which can destroy all life on this planet or they’d spray a chemical that kills just the human type of ‘vermin’ on the planet. 

There is definitely a flaw, if each one of us would quickly sell out the entire species for enough money to buy a new car and we’ve seen plenty of evidence that those in positions of power will do that. Look at Woodrow Wilson! For campaign financing, he sold out his country and passed the Federal Reserve Act and now we are all slaves to these parasites (useless eaters).

Mind control, is what makes one person want to control the thoughts of another person, to keep them in line. If you see one of the thousands of conspiracies, mind control tells each of those around you to badger you into line, like the herd that fetches the cow which finds the hole in the fence. 

I don’t want anyone to ‘cattle herd’ me. Born with a good mind, I want to use it to make my own decisions. As soon as you elect a ‘representative’ to ‘represent’ you, you see the beginnings of corruption. As soon as you allow someone else to spend the money you earned, you see runaway spending and both have to be stopped. We need to represent ourselves and spend the money we earned. This video allows you to hone your skills of thinking for yourself, collecting your own evidence and making up your own mind.

Reasoning skills are not free. You have to learn them and there is a cost. You spend time and effort and once you have your skills, you’ll find those who are under mind control, trying to dislodge you from your conclusion. Don’t give them an inch! Make them present their own evidence and use questions to point out their mistakes. A confrontation is not necessary.

Ask them what they gain by trying to debunk everything that’s real? Ask them if they desire to control your thoughts and decisions? Ask them if they have a life of their own and why aren’t they having fun? Tell them to go have some fun for a change and stop acting like someone who has received too many subliminal messages on the propaganda tube.



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