Alien Abduction & Human Mutilation: The Dark Side of Ufology (Full Feature)

I do have to comment on this feature, I have studied this particularly harrowing aspect of UFOLOGY for many years. In Britain you research this subject under the threat of death! You are warned not to continue with your research if you get too close to the numbers of  Human  Mutilation Victims, which appear to occur in ever increasing numbers, and yet which are hushed up by the Authorities.

Similarly, worldwide, the Authority’s  response to this terrible injustice to Humanity, is the same negative, under threat of death, response! Researchers who get too close are warned off!  I truly believe, through the findings of my own private and personal research that Human Mutilations are not a new phenomena, or that they are an increasing occurrence, but that they are a constant – a perpetual harvest that has been ongoing for many years. To put it in a clearer context, Human mutilations have been occurring for many many centuries, worldwide, as have Animal Mutilations.

Butch Witkowski’s Lecture is a very informative and to the point – must watch, lecture… Be assured, Human and Animal Mutilations are a reality the governments of this world wish to hide from you!  Wake Up, and demand answers now! It is your right as a Human…  David Ellis…


A live presentation by Butch Witkowski an ex-police officer at the 2009 Mufon symposium who now works as an investigator for Mufon.This film looks at the darker side of the UFO Phenomena.Not only animals are being abducted & mutilated. I added the first 5 minute part i found as it shows some pretty graphic pictures of a Brazilian man found mutilated just the same as cattle are & that case is mentioned in the live presentation & i also added the last 5 minute part that supposedly shows a man being abducted on a CCTV camera outside his workplace.If you’ve got your own theories about the UFO issue this definitely gives you something to think about.




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