FBI #5 Stooge – Ted Gunderson – How he covered up crimes and arrested True Patriots!

Published on Jun 15, 2012 by 

Stew Webb is joined by a special guest to discuss their evidence that Ted Gunderson worked for the FBI in arresting true patriots right up until the time of his death! Ted Gunderson was also a satanist and was caught doing a satanic ceremony in his FBI office! Many other known FBI stooges are covered in this broadcast.

Make sure this information gets out everywhere and that ALL radio show hosts that featured Ted Gunderson are asked why they supported and promoted this very evil man that tried to kill Stew Webb by calling a bogus swat team to his home that completely destroyed it! Stew was later released after 5 hours when they realized Ted Gunderson had lied about Stew.

Stew also has personal evidence that Ted Gunderson was only used to silence and coverup abuse on children. It’s outrageous that this man was supported by many in the patriot / truth community until the time of his death. Ted Gunderson was NOT the hero that he was portrayed and this must be exposed and serious questions asked by those that promoted him relentlessly! Why did they promote a known satanist such as Ted Gunderson and his other stooges? If anybody won’t admit that they were fooled about Ted Gunderson then you will know WHO they work for! It’s time to out all the FBI stooges that protected and promoted Ted Gunderson!

Written by projectnsearch


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