Stew Webb – LNM – Benjamin Fulford Exposed as MI-5 Disinformation Agent!

David Ellis comments:

If Stew Webb’s source is correct then – to coin a phrase, this will set a cat amongst the pigeons. Me! I’m standing on the bylines, observing, waiting to see what transpires.  There will most certainly be a backlash!

Published on Jun 6, 2012 by 

BREAKING: This is the very first video made concerning this important information about the Leo Watna Funds! Make sure this very important video goes viral! Post to all websites and share on all social networks! Stew Webb just got information in from Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence expert that exposes Benjamin Fulford as a MI-5 agent of disinformation!

Stew also talks about some very dangerous disinfo being put out not only by Fulford but also by channelers for the Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command and David Wilcock who has been used to put out disinformation. Drake is also covered in the discussion. For more updates make sure you join the websites at, and Also be sure you Add us on Skype ID: team.nsearch.Things are moving quite fast right now and being a member of the sites is the only way we can keep you informed of new updates.

Stew also talked about the Wanta funds but wants we want to make it clear even though Tom Heneghan puts out great information on the financial system, we don’t think that the Wanta funds will be allowed to come forward. THEY control the courts so can stop any ruling anyway. Stew puts the odds of a Wanta fund release very very low just because he’s seen how the system works. The best course of action is for EVERYBODY to get active putting out information and actually recalling all the people that approved the NDAA act.

Join this facebook group and start organizing local petitions for recalls! This is one of the solutions that we should pursue. NOT waiting for the ridiculous assertion by people such as David Wilcock that aliens are going to save us and make us all millionaires! This is DANGEROUS disinfo that David is being used to spread and this must be stopped! ACTION not waiting on aliens to save you!


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