Stew Webb – Bush Crime Syndicate, Aliens, Area 51, Secret Space Program


Published on Apr 21, 2012 by 

In this great interview with Stew Webb we discuss the Bush Crime Syndicate, aliens, Area 51, the new drones set to deploy in 2013 that can turn a person to dust, and many other topics. Please share this video everywhere you can and if you aren’t handing out cards to wake others up, please go to this page and get our cards that give out the cures to cancer, free energy and much more! They’ve tried to kill Stew Webb 7 times already so if you aren’t willing to simply hand out cards to strangers or even leave them around for others to find them then you as JFK says you’ll get the country you deserve! Get INVOLVED NOW! Here’s the page where you can get the files for our cards that you can print out or use on to print out very cheaply! I gave out 500 cards in one week just by hitting up convenience stores that let you put business cards on the front counters, post offices, restaurants. Just as in 1776, this war against the satanic new world order will NOT be won on facebook or online it will be by reaching REAL people offline with business cards that cost a penny or two apiece! God bless

Stew Webb’s Bio
Christian, Home Builder turned Informant, Stew Webb married in 1981 Kerre S. Millman “The Bush Crime Family” bankers daughter, threw payoffs and bribes to Judges in order to terminate Stewart Webb’s parental rights (1984)with his daughter Amanda Webb, (aka Amanda Millman dob 7-14-84) Stew turned Whisblower to the FBI (1986) and found himself being turned on immediately by the power of his unknown, CIA/Bush Crime Family Banker, CFR Director, Knights Templar, Republican/Scamster, and former father in law Leonard Millman. Since 1984-todate, he has been arrested falsely over 30 times, held one-time 10 1/2 month period as a political prisoner. Subsequently all charges have been dismissed with perjury or hung juries. And he has had seven attempts upon his life.


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