Linda Moulton Howe; SOT radio 5/6/11; Bees, Bayer, corruption, ETs, mutilation

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Linda Moulton Howe SOT radio 5-6-11 CCD more.mp4
This is my interview with Linda on her research into extraterrestrial intelligence, the mutilation phenomena, and other investigative pursuits. I have heard recently a couple of other researchers and radio talking about the role of nicotine based pesticides in colony collapse disorder BUT the first time I heard it was by way of Linda in this interview. We also discuss her views on the extraterrestrial agenda on Earth, it’s involvement with animal mutilations, and the military’s involvement in those phenomena. Corporate control of government is revealed as well which fits in nicely with my political ideology. She tells us about her career and many of the things she has looked into. This was a great interview.
Please check out Linda at her website:
She has produced several books available on her website, and DVDs too.She is a regular guest on Coast to Coast.She has a long history in the field and is currently working on crop circles, with a keen eye on what is happening in the natural world as well.


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