They Are Here: Footage of Reptilian and Classic Grey Occupants!

Uploaded by  on Jan 20, 2011

“Ive been trying to debunk this video for a while when I came upon this during enlarging the video.These are not the EBE’s I were expecting to see..I was expecting to see fake models or the small Grey images.I was a little set back by the image I got..Still I will keep trying to see if this video is authentic or fake. So this image still might be fake but from their video.”


Since the above was written it has been proved categorically that the footage, taken by Doctor Roger Leir, is genuine.  The closeup images in that craft are genuine too – and not an add-on  feature created for disinformation purposes – as too often proves to be the case in these matters…

The archetypal Greys along with the Reptilian looking ETs, on the same Craft, at different time periods, beggars the question: Why have we not been informed about these occurrences? The western governments/media has failed and continues to fail us upon these issues, leaving us to blindly live our day-to-day, routine, lives, unaware of anything else other than what these establishments choose to inform us about.  Wherever there is a secret there is an Agenda!…

That being said, along with the Israeli Dome of the Rock – footage as illustrated below, which has also proved to be genuine, what should happen next? What can we do to encourage Human Awareness to these matters? We can help simply by doing what we do best, by blogging  all the information we collect and to get it out there to the public domain!

And believe me when I say: People ARE WAKING UP!


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